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Q: How much do tickets cost?

A: $40

Q: When can I buy tickets?

A: Online April 18th - May 6th

Cash Sales at Lunches May 5th & 6th

Visit the "ticket" page for more details

Q: Who can buy tickets?

A: Any current 11th or 12th grade student at the High School or Community School.

Q: Can I bring an underclassman?

A: 10th graders may come as the guest of an upperclassman. Prom is not open to 9th graders.

Q: Will there be chaperones?

A: Yes! FLHS teachers and administrative staff will be staffing the dance

Q: Will there be food?

A: Yes! There will be snacks provided at no cost.


Q: What parking options are available?



Q: Can students have limos or party buses?

A: Yes! However, FLHS staff have no authority outside of the event center, meaning they are not responsible for students outside the event on buses, etc. Students must organize their own buses.

Q: Is there financial assistance available for students?

A: Yes, if needed please contact your dean or Mrs. Braton for more information.


Q: Further Questions?

A: 1. Visit the other pages on this website

2. email:

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